Public Saftey Background Investigations            Please Call for further information and cost.

Public Service Background Investigations are among the most important investigation a public service agency will ever conduct.  The manner in which a background investigation is conducted can make the difference between hiring an individual who will truly protect and serves versus someone who may cause harm to oneself, the agency and society.  Our process starts with contacting the applicant and delivering a set of instructions with the necessary forms and required document s to begin the investigation.  We utilize a "Required Document" form, which identifies what POST requires and looks for when they conduct agency audits.  Within the list of required documents, we ask each applicant to hand write a 3 page autobiography so that we may learn more about them personally.  We then schedule each applicant for an initial interview, which incorporates a very thorough and comprehensive review of their personal history statement.  This interview ranges from 1.5 - 3 hours long depending up their history.  At the time of the initial interview, we ask each applicant to complete a pre-investigative questionnaire which consists of 186 questions, which we include as part of their background report.

Our inquiries during the initial interview include:

  • Motivation and Preparation
  • Personal Traits and Temperament
  • Honesty and Consistency throughout the initial process
  • Education and Military experience
  • Motor Vehicle Operation
  • Employment History
  • Legal / Criminal History
  • Personal References / Past and Present Relationships / Marital History
  • Financial History
  • Personal History Statement / Background Issues
  • Admissions and Omissions
  • Social Media Inquiries for possible analysis

Our background report summarizes the initial interview incorporating all of the areas noted above in an easy to read format.  It is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the applicant's suitability for the position sought.  We gather information to help the agency make and informed decision regarding the applicant suitability.  We always leave it up to the agency to determine the thresholds of tolerance for the various behaviors which can influence the direction of a background.  After the initial interview, we will advise the department and discuss any issues which would prevent the appliant from moving forward with the remaining investigation.  We are in close contact with the polygraph examiner assigned to the applicant and update him/her if there are any issues which may need further attention prior to their testing.  Our goal is to have a completed report no later than 45 - 60 business days or sooner, depending on the nature of the background and investigation.