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Public Service Background Investigations are among the most important investigation a law enforcement agency will ever conduct.  The manner in which a background investigation is conducted can make the difference between hiring an individual who will truly protect and serves versus someone who may cause harm to oneself, the agency and society.

Detailed P.O.S.T. compliant background investigations are a specialty of MIA.  We are knowledgeable about all applicable local, state and federal fair employment laws.  We are conversant in the legal requirements for appointment to the positions in question.  We are experienced in conducting thorough background investigation and we have years of experience.  

There is no substitution for this type of experience to get the information your agency will need to make the right hiring decision.

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Our agency specializes in giving our clients the best investigative information pertaining to their needs.

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Public Service Background Investigations

MIA specializes in locating long lost relatives, witnesses and family members.  MIA works closely with agents all over the world to locate that important person you are searching for.

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The advantage of hiring MIA as your private investigative firm is we use only experienced investigators for your case.  Our investigators are well versed in local and state laws because they are all retired police officers from agency's right here on the peninsula.  

We take a hands on approach with all of our cases, updating our clients as the investigation moves forward.

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